Scope of Works



4.1.1. Concept Design
  1. Identify Client’s requirements in each of the MEP services of the proposed development.
  2. Arrive at approximate capacities and standards to be followed for each of above service including but not limited to HVAC, Fire detections and protection system.
  3. Assist in formulating utility requirements.
  4. Prepare conceptual design for the MEP services.
  5. Overall space requirements for each of MEP services.
  6. Space planning for services.
  7. Block cost estimates of for each of MEP services.
4.1.2. SchematicDesign
  1. Prepare schematic design for MEP services.
  2. Prepare single line system diagrams.
  3. Firm up the space requirement and layout.
  4. Prepare block cost estimate for each of the MEP services.
  5. Indicate approximate capacities of equipments related to each MEP service.
  6. Identification of long lead procurement items.
  7. Firm up shafts for services & area requirements for all components.
  8. Estimation of Budgetary cost based on the approved concept design.

Design Basis Report comprising:

  • List codes and standards used for each MEP service
  •  Schematic drawings for MEP
  •  Estimated project cost with broad break upfor equipments

Client to discuss and agree on a list of changes required. Such changes to be done at the next stage. This will form the basis of all further designs and sub sequentstages.

4.1.3. DesignDevelopment
  1. Firm up all equipment capacities and ratings of MEP services.
  2. Selection of type of equipment.
  3. Coordination with Architectural and other service drawings.

The deliverables will include

  • Equipment capacities and ratings of all services under MEP
  • Flow diagrams and layout drawings.
  • Distribution scheme for MEP services.
4.1.4. AuthoritySubmission (if required)

Prepare necessary documents for authority approvals required for commencement of construction from BOI and local government.

Post Approval, Client shall provide copies of all the sanctioned documents for consultants’ records.


Drawings and documents required for authority approval.

4.1.5. Final Design Drawings

Prepare design drawings based on schematic designs. The main tasks during this stage are :

Prepare and issue design drawings and details for proper execution of works for construction in coordination with the services and specifications, if applicable.

  • One comprehensive set of design drawings for MEP works.
  • Specifications
4.1.6. Construction
  1. Issue supplementary details and any modifications due to client / site requirements.
  2. Approve samples of various elements and components as per construction schedule.
  3. Check and approve shop drawings submitted by the contractor / vendors
  4. Visit the site of work twice a month
    • To inspect the design compliance of the construction works.
    • Where necessary clarify any decision, offer interpretation of the drawings / specifications.
4.1.7. Project Closure

Issue a certificate of practical completion.